Our Implementation Plan

We are focussed to achieve results in short time for your company. Example implementation steps below. Timelines may differ depending on agreements of specific client inputs (for instance specific way of working process, sharing the templates for each deliverable, sharing the requirement for each phase in the way of working, defining user groups and departments, etc.). Each journey is client specific, but is based on below steps.

Step 1 : Demo of initial blueprint and agree offer

  • Show demo and agree rough adapted blueprint (solution should solve specific issues)
  • Agree Purchase Order and no-cure-no-pay conditions
  • Agree about first SW Drop
  • Next step will start after Purchase Order is agreed (repeat step 1 until agreement)

Step 2: Deliver first usable application

  • Agree with client 'first users' about blueprint for the first SW drop
  • Deliver first SW drop according the blueprint (first useable version of the tooling) within 2 weeks

Step 3 : Implementation and Extension

  • Evaluate first SW drop with client 'first users' to enhance next SW drop
  • Create Workflow simulation to learn from current bottlenecks




  • Agree additional Quick Wins (Extension on the core solution)
  • Deliver agreed Quick Wins (by automatic software update) within 2 weeks

Step 4 : Organisation, Training and Acceptance

  • Optimize created Workflow Simulation
  • Agree additional Quick Wins and Deliver by automatic Software update
  • Acceptance of third operational version
  • Embed the solution in the organisation
  • Train all relevant users, within 2 weeks

Step 5 : GO Live

  • Arrange support for tooling & support by formal SLA
  • Agree sessions and training at location (preferred) or remote
  • Evaluate project and system