IT Solutions

Here we present few of our mayor IT Solutions.

  • Consistency check system.
    This system helps in reducing and preventing outdated and wrong data. New data is checked and if wrong can be immediately corrected by the engineers. Old wrong data can be found to be removed or corrected. We use reference data from several data sources and guidelines (naming conventions) about formats and layouts of data. Think of NAW data at Large companies or Connection details at Telco Providers or technical data and labeling at DataCenters.
  • Portfolio and Project Management System (Mercurius).
    In an environment where many projectmanagers work at several projects and many reporting structures exist we reduced administrative work of Project Managers by 80%. Furthermore we enhanced reporting (from a mess to structured weekly reporting according the same format).  Also we introduced the Way of Working format. With this format all projects can be checked on completeness (deliverables and requirements). This enhances quality and Time to Market (TTM) for most projects (by early knowing what deliverables and requirements are needed no valuable time is lost and focus is more adequate). Win for Projectmanagers, Reporting and Stakeholders who want projects on time and within budget. Continue reading >>
  • RollOut System.
    We built a system for Large RollOuts. In fact RollOuts consist of many more or less similar projects. The gain is in doing more projects simultaneously without losing track of each individuals. We used our Workflow Engine and Mercurius PPM system to deliver. The pricing of the system is earned back within 3 months of operational use. Especially usefull for RollOuts which take more than 8 months and have more than 50 simultaneous "projects" available.
  • Product Launch support
    In a Large Organisation where Time To Market was very critical Arithmos supported in Product Launch with custom made (configured) system. The Product Launch date was shorted 3 months by going early to reduced market. The reduced market was 1000 volunteers of own organisation; the early adapters who tested the product and reported all bugs and issues. The delivered system was: mailing platform to communicate one way (personalised) to the whole organisation to get 1000 users out of 15.000. We also used slack as promotions and internal mailing from top management down. Also a portal was provided where volunteers could register. After registration the data is enriched and added in the Portal. The call center was provided the client of the system where they got (per support department) the specific items to handle. The system was connected with current Remedy (fault system for tickets). The individual tickets where handled by the standard callcenter and backoffice The volunteers got specific replies in their own portal and mail. The total effect was minimal upload of work for call center (4 peak days where predicted and managed). The backoffice remained their own tooling and learned faster about the new product. The expert team was with Arithmos Tooling aware of all issues and could support on those immediately. Time to Market was shortened with 3 months without operational issues by launching.